Hi, Welcome to Anomable!

Anomable is an independent clothing brand with a simple mission:
to create bold yet wearable fashion.

Versatile style, exquisitely designed with quality textiles.

Anomable makes a statement with unique, hand painted prints.
Intriguing artworks are translated into a form that is ready to adorn the body.

Original hand painted fashion prints

The collection is a harmonious mixture of statement prints jazzed up alongside color-blocking pieces.
Neutral shades complement the prints, making bold pieces easy to style.

Anomable believes in consuming less. Investing in quality fashion is key. Becoming more sustainable is made easy with enduring garments that are here to last. Neutral pieces infuse balance, while versatile styles can be switched up for occasions.
It’s more than just a one-time show.

 The brand's key values:Brand values
 Anomable loves to work with pre-orders, here is why:

The sustainability of fashion suffers when brands try to predict what their customers are looking for. The excess garments produced as a result of this over-production lead to huge amounts of waste.

Once new designs for the collections are released, they become available to order in advance. Then, the pre-sale numbers are used to predict how much to produce of  popular styles and sizes for the next inventory batch. In addition to the environmental benefits, the pre-sale enables us to offer a wide-range of sizes!

The pre-sale closed in early May, and the first batch of inventory is planned to arrive this June :)

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