Hand-Painted Prints. Effortless Style.

It starts with a painting, and is turned into something wearable.
We focus on quality, timeless, and easy-to-wear pieces that are suitable season after season, for years to come.

  • Hazell Silk Dress | Midnight Blossom - Anomable

    Hand-painted prints

    All of Anomable's prints are original, made with hand-painted designs transferred to quality fabrics using sustainable tecniques.

  • Lexa Skirt | Peppers - Anomable


    A beautiful garment isn't worth it unless it’s made ethically. Anomable is choosing to be ethical, working closely with small local factories.

  • Top Quality

    We're all about shopping small, focusing on quality, timeless pieces rathen than quantity. The path to sustainable change starts there.

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  • "It fits so perfectly as if it was made just for me! Thank you for making such a beautiful piece, it truly looks like art."

    - Amanda T.

  • "Everything is gorgeous and fits so well! The quality is MORE than I asked for!"

    - Jenny L.

  • "I love it, the fit is perfect! The customer service is really excellent, I have received a prompt response to my questions via Instagram DM"

    - Amy A.

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