Brand Values

Fashion brings our personalities to life. Although it can brighten up the day, it isn't worth it unless it's made right.


Low waste brand
Anomable works on a pre-order basis, so there are no excess garments produced. The idea is to co-create the brand with you, tuning in to your preferences.

This reduces waste and damage to the ecosystem caused by the excess of clothing made due to over-production.

Fashion brings our personalities to life. Although it brightens up our days, it’s not worth it unless it’s made ethically. Anomable is choosing to be ethical, working closely with small local factories.


Quality and Materials
Anomable uses natural fibers and recycled fabrics wherever possible.
They are high quality with beautiful textures, while also enhancing sustainability efforts.


Sustainable Printing

Each hand-painted print is brought to life with digital printing technology.
This provides spectacular printing and color quality, while remaining eco-friendly to humans and the environment.
This method follows optimum sustainability standards. Zero wastewater is produced, and the carbon footprint is minimal.