How it works

On-demand production

Once we release a new wearable piece of art, we open the sale for a limited time of only a few days. We work on a pre-order basis only, meaning everything is made to order in very small and exclusive batches.

After the sale closes, we only produce what's been bought during the pre-sale. We keep you updated on every step of the process via email and social media. The moment your garment is done, we send it out to you!

The production process usually takes between 5-8 weeks and consists of creating the original fabric, sewing, and quality check! We don’t ship anything until we make sure that you receive a quality piece. We make the effort to ship your item as soon as possible while retaining its quality.


Made to order fashion batch production diagram


Restock for past designs – also on demand!

Best selling items will be back in stock only if we receive enough requests from you. Submitting restock requests are available for the items you see in our “core collection”, and can be easily done from the item page.

Once you submit a restock request, you’ll be the first to know when the style comes back!


Why do we work this way?

Did you know that although awareness about the materials we use is increasing, such as biodegradable and recycled fabrics (which is awesome!), the most severe problem of the fashion industry is waste due to over-production?

This problem has a negative impact on the environment, businesses, and in the end, consumers.

Here are some facts:


 fact about fast fashion waste by over production

Sustainability starts with inventory!

Anomable is harnessing a new zero-waste business approach. Thanks to the nature of being an online brand, we’re able to communicate closely with our customers, and use an online pre-orders system.

By only producing in small batches based on the demand the traditional guessing work of the fashion industry is gone! This practice prevents damage and waste to the ecosystem.

Join the slow fashion revolution! 

flow fashion


Coming soon – taking our leftovers to the next level! Luxurious accessories made of upcycled fabrics.