From Idea to Garment - The Hazel Silk Dress

Throughout this blog post, I will reveal the development of the Hazel Silk dress, sharing each step of the process, and my intention behind it.

My Vision:

I was extremely thrilled to begin work on this project. My vision was to transform a classic, feminine silhouette into something more interesting, with a delicate statement piece.

I've always enjoyed combining two extremes. Mixing old with new, classy with edgy, loud with calm, and never failing to discover beautiful ideas and creations.

This dress comes in two exclusive hand-painted prints, each with its own charm.

The Shape:

I went for a classic and feminine shape in a short dress with a V-neck. Simple. You may have seen similar figures before...

But, if we’re here for a classic, it has to be extra flattering and well-made!

The Hazel Silk dress is carefully designed to flatter the body and enhance femininity. The fabric is cut on the bias, providing the material with a perfect fall and stretching the right areas.

Fabric Selection:

With fabric, I decided to choose the one and only - silk.

Silk works like magic for garments cut on the bias and provides a final touch of luxury.

Not only does it enhance the beauty of the cutting, but also provides impressive quality and comfort. It’s a natural luxury fiber known for its shine, strength, and durability. These qualities make it last for years so that it can be worn season after season.

Silk has so many qualities, and I could talk about them for hours. I might write a whole blog post dedicated to silk (if this is something of your interest, tell me!)

Prints Design:

Here comes the fun part, where I get to give each dress its own unique personality. To complement the traditional silhouette and silk, I pour some of my spice into each garment.

The dress comes in two exclusive hand-painted prints:


I wanted to make something cool and classy, and I fell in love with the idea of combining cherries and polka dots. Because, why not? It came out even better than I expected! I simply adore the classy yet edgy look this print has…

Hand-painted using watercolors and pastel pencils, with a graphic design of white polka dots to compliment.

The black background is wearable and practical, matching various shoes, bags, and accessories. The entire look of this print is perfect both day and night. 🙂

Whilst designing this print, I created various samples to test which silk would fit best. I eventually chose a silk crepe, which provides a high quality without too much shine that would distract from the cherries.


If I were asked to summarize this fabric design in 3 words, it’d be cute-deep-luxe.

I started this one by exploring different florals using oil pastels. My vision was to paint a charming blossom that would adorn the fabric, creating a wearable final product.

Next was to select a bold, luxurious, and aesthetically pleasing fabric shade, both versatile and compatible with different shoes. Whether you couple it with beige, black or camel; sandals, boots, or heels, it would just work.

After testing over 30 shades, and checking how they look on the silk, I chose a deep blue. It was a no-brainer. Everyone around me was as enthusiastic about this specific shade and how it looked on the silk, so I couldn’t resist.

For a final luxurious touch, I went for silk with a satin finish. The way the light hits the fabric as it moves is simply magical and creates exceptional charm. The same as when you walk around feeling like the queen of glam for no reason. That’s the superpower of this fabric.


Fitting was the final step to complete before sharing the dress with the world. Unlike fast fashion, I take as much time as needed to achieve the vision behind the garment. I put all the pieces of the puzzle together and ensure they are the best fit (the shape - the fabric - the print - the fitting).

And now, here is the final garment:

Don’t be surprised if this one gets many compliments ;)


These dresses are incredibly versatile and can be worn anywhere. Whether you’re on a walk in the park, on a romantic date night or going to the office, it has your back, taking the spotlight with you.

You can take it from day to night with no effort, as it would work great with various jackets and cardigans.

Already have a vision of how you’d be styling this dress? Tell me!

The Hazel in these two exclusive fabrics will be open for orders this October. The sale is on a pre-order basis only, so you won’t be able to get these after the sale is closed! Once it’s gone, it’s gone!

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