A Sustainable Journey Towards Zero Waste Fashion

In today's world of fast fashion and environmental concerns, the problem of overproduction and waste is a significant issue. When I launched Anomable, I knew I wanted to do things differently. Ever wondered how fashion can tackle waste head-on? As the sole founder, I'm thrilled to share the story of the brand's journey towards being much more sustainable, eliminating waste - introducing the power of community voting.

The concept of Community voting:

Our voting system puts you in the designer's seat, transforming our community into collaborators, partners in creativity, and champions of sustainability.

Here's how it works: I present garment suggestions on our "Coming Soon" section, complete with detailed descriptions, fabric swatches, and estimated prices. Your input matters. By involving you in the design process, we ensure our garments are not only visually appealing but also genuinely desired. Plus, by only launching designs with enough demand, we eliminate waste from the process.

Wasteless Fashion Production

With our method, we're not just making clothes; we're contributing to a more eco-friendly fashion scene. By only releasing designs that people really want, we avoid the extra stock and waste usually seen in traditional production (which usually ends up in landfills). This means less energy and resources used up, leading to a smaller environmental impact overall. Anomable's collaborative approach is a step towards a greener future for fashion.

Here's to the Future

Our approach, while innovative, is entirely achievable and sets a precedent for a more sustainable fashion industry. By co-creating collections with our fans and only launching designs with enough demand, we're embracing the most sustainable approach available today. Here's to a future where fashion is more than just fabric and thread; it's a symbol of conscious living and positive change.


xo Shiran
The woman behind Anomable


Visit the Anomables coming soon section here.
With your participation, we're one step closer to creating a more sustainable fashion industry together. Vote for your favorites and join us in shaping a greener future!